Monday, August 25, 2014

Chunk Baby Junk Teething Spoon Review

So I was contacted on twitter by this awesome store to review one of their products! OMG what a CUTE concept! I don't know about you, but kids are constantly throwing things on the floor, and the floor is not where you want things going in their mouths to be. Am I right?!

Here is Mikey enjoying the spoon end of the teether. :) But hes still little so i have to watch him to make sure he doesn't sick it all the way in. :) 

On one end there is the suction cup that you can use to keep it in place. Now you can use this on the tray of the chair, or you can use it on the window in the car!

It is sewn on one end to adhere the strap connected to the spoon so that it doesn't fall out. 

Mikey really enjoyed discovering what he was holding, he is just now understanding how to use his hands, it honestly the cutest thing ever! The innocence of discovery is the best part of becoming a parent. 

Needless to say he loved it :) 

You can see here that it is stitched tightly along the edges. And the ribbon used doesn't fray! Which is always a plus for little ones putting things in their mouth :) 

Here is a lay out of all the parts so you can see. 
A suction cup
A attach ribbon
A Gerber spoon

Here I took off the spoon and attached his wubbanub! This really is a versatile item and I gotta say I love it! 

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