Sunday, September 14, 2014

Subscription Box September: Little Passports

This is a great Subscription box for your little ones! 
It offers a cute little suitcase where you child will store all the fun activities and goodies that they will receive from their Pen Pals. Aleksus is following Sophia & Sam on their adventures around the world!

When opening your FIRST package you will find the cute little suitcase provided to hold all the activities you will receive from around the world.

Little Passports gives your child the chance to discover new things about new places right from the comfort of your home. While I'm sure we would all love to take out children personally on trips around the world, we can't always find the time to do so. 
With Little Passports you can!

When you open up your Little Passports Suitcase you will find all sorts of FUN STUFF!

The children even get their very own Passport! They will collect country stickers and answer questions to fill it up!

There was also some stickers to put on your suitcase, a picture of Sam & Sophia, a letter from Sam,an activity book, and a map! You can track all the places your about to learn about!

You will also get a boarding pass with a secret code to allow you to sign up for your account so you can keep track online! how great is that?! 

I really reccomend this subscription box for your little ones! Aleksus is so excited to see where we are going to go! She showed me the picture of Sam & Sophia and said, "Look mom my bestfriends!" 

If you would like to sign up for your own travel pack AND receive a code for $10 OFF your first  box email me!!!


Here is a video of Aleksus opening up her first Little Passports Box! 

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