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Guest Post: Adventures of a Mom with Teenagers by Reviews 411

 I just want to say thank you to Andrea from Reviews 411 for sharing such a wonderful post!

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Being a mother of two teenagers is quite an adventure. When my children were younger, they were such great and well behaved toddlers. They did not cry too often and were usually easy to make happy. Many people that my husband and I know were jealous at just how well behaved our kids were compared to their own.

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\Now that both of our children are much older, it is amazing to me when I think about their younger years. They have definitely grown into their own personalities and are both so different from one another. My son is very much laid back most of the time, and my daughter really enjoys anime and is very good at drawing anime characters… I feel that she gets her artistic side from me which I inherited from my father who draws classic cars extremely well.  
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  One thing that has definitely changed as my children have gotten older is their attitude toward mom. I went from being their “go to” hero and best friend to their distant red headed cousin that they want nothing to do with. They used to be so great at confiding in me… I even had the illusion in my head that they would grow up with their mom being their BFF. I have always wanted to have that type of relationship with my children since before I even became a mother.  
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  I love my kids and I am proud to be their mom… although I do wish that they would look up to me with the same sort of adoration as they did when they were youngsters. I created this post for all you mothers out there who have young children. If there is one thing that I have learned having two children of my own, it is that you cannot anticipate what your children will grow up to be like. No matter how much you try to groom them and mold them into a specific person, they will always be the people they want to be.  
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