Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kids Academy Apps Review

My daughter loves this app, the characters are so easy to follow and not to mention ADORABLE! I love apps that encourage learning with play, it's very important to me that my daughter, a 3 year old, get the best opportunities to educate herself. Being able to make the mind work towards a reward is key in getting children wanting to learn! She was able to trace letters easier with this app then other we have used, and that made her want to continue playing. She sometimes has trouble with her SPD, but thankfully this app has helped her gain great strides already!

Again I am blown away by how great these apps are! My daughter loves this one as well and finds it fun to draw along. She very much enjoys the characters, and with her SPD she finds the repetitiveness comforting! We will continue to use this app to help prepare her for Preschool!

What a great way to get your kids active in learning! My daughter has enjoyed this app very much, and alongside her brother who watches her as she plays, it has drawn them in and kept their attention! She is learning so much from this app, and I will continue to use it in her preparation for preschool. I love all the educational aspects of this app, and my daughter sees that it makes learning fun, and that very important! Plus who doesn’t love BINGO?!

You can get your apps here! I highly Recommend them!

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