Friday, October 24, 2014

Subscription Box: Darby Smart

I was so very excited to test out the Darby Smart Craft box! Usually you always see boxes for kids, but what about us adults?! Well Darby Smart is just what your looking for then! Yes, don't worry they still have things for kids, but they are mainly focused on YOU! I choose to review the Design your own Kitchen Tools! I received a set of wooden Utensils and a Wood Burning tool. I will be making a video of how you use this kits shortly, so If you haven't yet then subscribe to my YouTube channel here : StellarManicMommy2 YouTube

So check out the amazing idea they hold on their website

Launched in June 2013, Darby Smart was created by former finance gal Nicole Farb, who despite multiple attempts, often had trouble duplicating projects on Pinterest. It wasn’t due to a lack of vision, but rather she wasn’t armed with the right tools and materials to recreate these projects. She was not alone, and the idea for Darby Smart began.Upon leaving her job at Goldman Sachs as Head of Emerging Private Companies, Farb started Darby Smart, an online DIY destination populated with complete crafting kits based on popular Pinterest posts. In addition to turning Pinterest posts into real-life projects, Darby Smart helps leading influencers (across fashion, décor and DIY) launch their design ideas. Darby Smart began with 10 designers and now has a yearlong designer waiting list. Darby designers create project kits for all levels of crafting ability – from novice to advanced – giving everyone the chance to craft fun and creative projects with polished results.

From jewelry to purses and home goods to décor, Darby Smart features a range of DIY kits that foster the creative side in everyone. Darby Smart Designers dream up the latest DIY projects inspired by current fashion, design and home trends. Projects are then deconstructed into kits that include a complete set of pre-tested materials in the right quantities, so you can create the project at home. With a click of a button, Darby Smart delivers the curated supplies and simple instructions directly to the customer. Darby Smart rotates a selection of more than 50 kits at a time, and new kits are unveiled every three days. Kits start around $20 (including Fast & Free shipping) and are available up to 60 days or until supplies last.

Do you have some great idea and crafts you have done with your little ones that you think would fit great in the Darby Smart Family Collection? Read Below how you can get involved! 

Darby Smart not only enables DIYers to create projects, but it also builds community and fosters creativity. Community members are invited to vote on top trends, and winning trends are turned into DIY projects. Its showroom celebrates its community’s great work by displaying photos of finished craft projects shared by members. Plus, anyone can apply to become a featured Darby Smart designer by submitting DIY designs, which are voted on by the Darby Smart community. Selected designs are turned into DIY kits, and chosen designers receive a percent of sales for their kits.

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