Monday, November 24, 2014

The Things Our Kids Say Pt.1

When I first started Blogging, I found that as a mom there are things that change in our lives which we don't expect. We say and do things we never thought, or swore we wouldn't say or do, but alas we do them anyways. Then we step back, come back into our bodies and wonder "Did I just say that?" Fortunately, I have sought our mothers to tell me those hilarious moments of WTF did I just say, and Why do I have to repeat this phrase over and over? 

I love to read about what other Moms go through on a day to day basis because it makes me feel better about my own parenting craziness. Being a mom is not easy, there are moments of hair falling out stress, and my cheeks hurt from smiling happiness. 

Parenthood is in one word.... Bipolar. 

If your like me, you have what I call SPKs, which stands for Sour Patch Kids. One minute they are tornado's of imagination induced destruction, and the next they are cuddling on your lap wanting a thousand kisses and praise. 

If you want to check out my Blog Post on "Did I really just say That?" you can read all of the Hilarious things moms shared with me that they couldn't believe they have said to their kids... HERE.

So now onto the funny things our kids say....

I asked mothers on the internet super highway to tell me some mind gear grinding, and ridiculous things their kids have said to them. Some of these are just plain knee slapping funny. 

So here they are.... Enjoy (and please share) 

"I want a cookie" while biting a wooden coaster.
Samantha C. (1 Boy) Blogger at Southern Saving Sisters 

"Last night daddy and I had balls for dinner. They were pretty good with barbecue sauce"
Meatballs....she had meatballs...
Jen T. (1 Boy & 1 Girl)

Screaming "open the damn door!!"
Tiffany S. (3 Girls & 1 Boy) 

When our pet fish died we held the "funeral" around the toilet, and flushed him down. All of a sudden my oldest, who was 7 at the time, looked at me and said, "MOM! Is the fish going to end up in the pool???" He thought that when we flushed, it went into our pool. Try to keep a straight face, and explain that to your child, who is crying hysterically. 
Tara L. (1 Girl & 2 Boys) Blogger at Semmes Savers

My daughter when she was 5: “Mom, can we get a cat?” Me: “Your dad is allergic to cats, so no.” My daughter: “When dad dies can we get a cat?” Me: “Sure.”
Terri G. (1 Girl) Blogger at Life with the Grothes

"Mommy, you stink, go poopy!!!"
Kristen E. (3 Girls)

"Eww ma you stinky feet! Take a shower!" While holding his nose.
Ruby C. (1Boy & 1 Girl)

"Mommy, Daddy tooted on my head. I do not want to be a tooty head! Wash it off!"
Tessa S. (2 Girls) Blogger at Mama Smith's Reviews  

(While eating peas) "Mommy, I'm eating penis!"
Rachael B. (3 Boys) Blogger at Three Boys and a Mom

"Mama, I will fart out an egg, then you make breakfast!"... from the mouth of my 3 year old daughter
Shandi L. (1 Girl & 1 Boy) Blogger at Thrifty Mom: Saving for Family

"Mommy you need to wipe my hand and my butt because I 'ate s**t' too"
WHA?!?!?!?!....(overheard me from when i fell)
Holly P. (2 Girls) Blogger at Our Poole House

(While going potty) "Mommy, I went Pee and Poop!" ... I responded "Very Good!".... She said "Yup, Just doing my job." 
Amanda Y. (1 Girl & 1 Boy) Blogger for StellarManicMommy2

If you would like to add in some funny things your kids have said to be in the Part 2 feature, please fill out this form and YOU will be featured! 

AND dont forget to check out my other Post on "Did I really Just Say that?" 


  1. These are hilarious! I can totally relate and love hearing other amazing things kids say to their parents! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha this is so good. Thanks for including us :)

  3. I almost spit milk out of my nose reading these! Gosh, kids just say the funniest things sometimes, don't they?