Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Cube Review #SGG

I'm all for testing out the new social media technology out there, and when I was given the chance to review "The Cube" I was super excited. The Cube is a interactive photo frame of everything on your Instagram page. I have seen this product around the internet super highway, and I gotta tell you just how awesome it is!

Here is the description directly from their website.
#Cube is the living canvas for the Instagram photos and videos that matter most to you. Finally liberated from your smart devices, #Cube passively streams the candids of your friends, family and favorite people to you throughout the day. Photos and videos are streamed in real-time, bringing them straight from Instagram to your #Cube.

When I received it, I opened the nicely decorated box, held down the circle button for about 5 seconds and it popped on. You will see this first initial screen when that happens, then it will walk you through connecting to your Wifi, and on to the login screen for your personal Instagram page.

From there you can select if you want to receive photos from your feed, your personal page, or a specific person you want to follow. 

Another great feature that you have is liking photos right from The Cube by simply holding down the heart shaped button! How cool is that! 

That's not all it does! If you want to make it a little more personalized, you can create your own hashtag to follow! So when you are posting pictures and hashtag it with your selected phrase, it will stream all the photos that are used with that specific hashtag. 

This is such a great gift for yourself, a loved one to place in their office, or for a family members home. Everything you post will automatically be streamed onto The Cube so that they can keep in touch with your photos. If you are looking for a gift for someone, and want it to be awesome, and have that extra special touch, then The Cube is what you need!

Better yet, I got a special offer for you! When you order your own Cube, you can get $15 off your purchase with the code CUBE137. 

To order your own Cube check out their website here: The Cube

This item is feature in the 2015 Sweetheart Guide!

I received this item in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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