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$100 Gift Card to King Christmas!

Christmas is coming right around the corner, it will be here faster than we know it! Why not check out The King of Christmas and all of the great decorations they have to offer?!

They have so many great items like the Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees, which I think is great because you can use whatever lights you want! We have always used artificial trees because I don't want to use a tree until it dies, and with artificial I can make a ONE TIME purchase and use it every year! Plus no pine needles to sweep up every day, with little kids that can get old fast! So check out their unlit trees HERE

If your looking for a larger artificial tree, The King of Christmas also offers a BIG 7 foot Artificial Christmas tree that will meet your big tree needs! Plus like I have stated before....use it every year!
Get your 7 ft tree HERE

This is really a great giveaway that The King of Christmas is doing for YOU! So head on over, check out all of the great things they have to offer, and ENTER....You can't win if you don't play! Who wouldn't want to win a $100 towards their Christmas Holiday decorations?!

Prize 1 – Cypress Spruce Christmas Tree With LED Lights

 ($249 Value!)

Prize 2 – $100 Gift card At


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Featured Post: The Surviving Momhood Box by Mama Smith Reviews

This great review is brought to you by Mama Smith Reviews

Touchdown To Family Time

This month, I received my second The Surviving Momhood Box subscription box and I love everything! October's theme is Touchdown To Family Time - for when mom needs a timeout. This box was truly a "surviving momhood" box. It was packed full of goodies for mom and kids! No two boxes are the same because no two moms are the same. I will have a detailed review of all the items I received but for now, I will just let y'all know what came in my box.

I received:
Can you believe it?! So many goodies packed in to one monthly subscription box! Subscribe here for just $24.24 a month! Don't miss out on next month's box which will be ALL items for MOM - because we deserve to be pampered! Tell them Mama Smith sent you! Keep an eye out for the detailed review but in the mean time, check out my unboxing video below!

Connect with The Surviving Momhood Box on Facebook here so you can join in the "mom of the month" fun and stay up to date on special deals!

I received this free in exchange for unbiased, honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Guest Post: Adventures of a Mom with Teenagers by Reviews 411

 I just want to say thank you to Andrea from Reviews 411 for sharing such a wonderful post!

Marco 7th Birthday - Marco and Alyssa

Being a mother of two teenagers is quite an adventure. When my children were younger, they were such great and well behaved toddlers. They did not cry too often and were usually easy to make happy. Many people that my husband and I know were jealous at just how well behaved our kids were compared to their own.

Halloween Cleo De Nile Collage
\Now that both of our children are much older, it is amazing to me when I think about their younger years. They have definitely grown into their own personalities and are both so different from one another. My son is very much laid back most of the time, and my daughter really enjoys anime and is very good at drawing anime characters… I feel that she gets her artistic side from me which I inherited from my father who draws classic cars extremely well.  
A photo posted by Andrea Nugent (@andge808) on
  One thing that has definitely changed as my children have gotten older is their attitude toward mom. I went from being their “go to” hero and best friend to their distant red headed cousin that they want nothing to do with. They used to be so great at confiding in me… I even had the illusion in my head that they would grow up with their mom being their BFF. I have always wanted to have that type of relationship with my children since before I even became a mother.  
A photo posted by Andrea Nugent (@andge808) on
  I love my kids and I am proud to be their mom… although I do wish that they would look up to me with the same sort of adoration as they did when they were youngsters. I created this post for all you mothers out there who have young children. If there is one thing that I have learned having two children of my own, it is that you cannot anticipate what your children will grow up to be like. No matter how much you try to groom them and mold them into a specific person, they will always be the people they want to be.  
  Talk to you soon  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hello Kitty Blue tooth Speaker Review

This is a great Christmas present for your little girl who loves to jam to music! I know it has not only been great for my daughter, but its been great for me too! We sometimes hook it up in the Kitchen and dance and bake cookies together. If we just used my phone the music would never really get too loud, thankfully we got this ADORABLE Bluetooth speaker to help us Jam out!

I love this small speaker, it packs a big punch for being so little. I was really surprised because when it fits into the palm of your hand you don't really expect it to be too loud. To my surprise, the sound is great and not scratchy at all! Now, you didn't think I would go through this whole review and not mention just how cute it is did ya?! Its the perfect gift for the little girl in your world, or the little girl in You! 

Information from the Company

Share your favorite music with family, friends and Hello Kitty, with this Bluetooth wireless speaker system. Enjoy crisp and clean wireless audio through the powerful, amplified speaker from any Bluetooth enabled device including many smartphones. There is also an auxiliary input jack, with cable included, to connect and play music from your computer, MP3, CD player or other digital audio devices. A built-in USB port has been included for the convenience of portable device battery charging.

Disclaimer: StellarManicMommy2 Blog was given this item Free of charge for her honest review. All opinions stated are of her own, some information was added from the company explaining the product. If you are interested in featuring your item on StellarManicMommy2 please email 

Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I am very particular about what I use to wash my hair with. So when I had the chance to review this set, needless to say I was very skeptical. But, I have to say, much to my surprise it made my hair feel great! I hate the feeling of build up on my hair, as a mother of two small kids, I don't always have time to take a shower everyday. So my hair does get thick and greasy from time to time. As you can see in the picture below my hair was very thick, this is about 2 days worth of no shower. 

Then after I used the shampoo, it felt so clean! It didn't have that gunky build up feeling some conditioners have! My hair even felt healthier! The smell is also something I look for in shampoo & conditioner, this one had a teatree oil smell to it mixed with citrus!

You can enter to win your own set on my Treat Yourself Giveaway!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

HOT Strollers for You & Baby!

One major thing you are going to want in your baby line up is a good stroller. Its important that while this is a fairly expensive purchase, you want to get the best you can for your money. This is an item your going to use for a few years and you want to make sure its going to fit your lifestyle. I have compiled a list for you of some of the great stroller that are on the market now! Click on each picture to view more information.

Stokke - Xplory Newborn Stroller

Stokke - Xplory Newborn Stroller
Stokke - Xplory Newborn Stroller - $1099.00, Free shipping - Available at Marketplace

Baby Trend - Babies R Us Trendsport Stroller Slate

Baby Trend - Babies R Us Trendsport Stroller Slate
Baby Trend - Babies R Us Trendsport Stroller Slate - $54.99, See Site shipping - Available at Babies R Us

Tike Tech - Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller - Classic Black

Tike Tech - Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller - Classic Black

Evenflo - JourneyLite Stroller NO SIZE

Evenflo - JourneyLite Stroller NO SIZE
Evenflo - JourneyLite Stroller NO SIZE - $73.99, Free shipping - Available at

Kolcraft - Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller Valencia Gold

Kolcraft - Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller Valencia Gold
This is the stroller I own...and I love it!

Kolcraft - Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller Valencia Gold - $249.99, Free shipping - Available at

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Professional Cocktail Muddler Bar Tool Review + Giveaway Review

I have never used a Cocktail Muddler before, but I was excited to be able to review this product! Now I know your suppose to use this for cocktails, but I founf that if your looking to open the release the flavors of what your adding, you can use this to flavor any drink! You can use it for your water or tea too! 

  • PERFECT FOR MAKING MOJITOS - If you want to make delicious mojito with aroma and good taste, or in other words - Real mojito, the Btipsy cocktail muddler is perfect for you and will alow you to enjoy every last drop of the drink. This drink muddler is BY FAR, The classy addition to your bar!
  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - This Premium mojito muddler made out of the strongest material available and WILL NOT BREAK when muddling. This bar tool muddler will not peel or rust.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Once finished using the Cocktail Muddler, it's very easy to clean it by hand or just placing it inside the dishwasher since this Cocktail Muddler is DISHWASHER SAFE. So feel free to clean it whatever you'd like.
  • BONUS WITH EVERY ORDER - We LOVE our customers and we always try to make them feel good and with a smile on their face. This is why we decided for a LIMITED TIME, to include a special BONUS with each order. Further directions after item arrives to you.
  • RISK FREE - With a 3 YEARS WARRANTY, we are committed to our 100% customer satisfaction so if you find that you are not "5-Star Happy" with us or our products then please contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% happy.

The Secret Of Making Delicious Cocktails
Say no to tasteless Cocktails! with the Btipsy Stainless Steel Muddler, you can now make sure that each cocktail is bursting with flavor and aroma.
Why Choose the Btipsy Muddler Bar Tool as your first choice?

- Perfect for Muddling Mint Leaves and Making Delicious Mojitos and Other Cocktails 
- Excellent for Mashing Citrus Fruits Herbs and Spices 
- Unlike Other Chipper Muddlers That are Breaking or Rusting After a Few Uses, Our Muddler is Made to Last and Will Remain in 100% Perfect Condition All the Way 
- Grooved Nylon Head Doesn't Corrode or Pollute your Drink, Unlike Wooden Lacquered Muddlers 
- Easy to clean and dishwasher safe! (However hand washing is recommended)

To properly muddle, hold the muddler in the center of the palm of your hand and come down to whatever ingredients is in your glass.
As you come down, you want to twist the muddler, releasing everything inside those ingredients.
This is By Far The Perfect Gift for The Holidays!
We Know You Will Love It or Your Money Back! Backed By Our 3 Years Money Back Guarantee!
Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page And Enjoy Flavor Bursting Cocktails

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Kids Academy Apps Review

My daughter loves this app, the characters are so easy to follow and not to mention ADORABLE! I love apps that encourage learning with play, it's very important to me that my daughter, a 3 year old, get the best opportunities to educate herself. Being able to make the mind work towards a reward is key in getting children wanting to learn! She was able to trace letters easier with this app then other we have used, and that made her want to continue playing. She sometimes has trouble with her SPD, but thankfully this app has helped her gain great strides already!

Again I am blown away by how great these apps are! My daughter loves this one as well and finds it fun to draw along. She very much enjoys the characters, and with her SPD she finds the repetitiveness comforting! We will continue to use this app to help prepare her for Preschool!

What a great way to get your kids active in learning! My daughter has enjoyed this app very much, and alongside her brother who watches her as she plays, it has drawn them in and kept their attention! She is learning so much from this app, and I will continue to use it in her preparation for preschool. I love all the educational aspects of this app, and my daughter sees that it makes learning fun, and that very important! Plus who doesn’t love BINGO?!

You can get your apps here! I highly Recommend them!

Stellarmanicmommy2 Blog was compensated for this post, to review the items listed about and give her honest opinion. All opinions stated are of my own account. 

Hoodsbee Review

I was so excited to be able to review the Hoodsbee Hoodie! How cute is it that it not only is a hoodie, but it doubles as a plush toy! My daughter was super stoked to try it on, as soon as I pulled it from the package she screamed "OMG I love it!" in her tiny human voice. Seriously too cute. She put it on an immediately went into imagination mode and started to run around the house doing her best monster Roar! I will defiantly be looking to get her younger brother one too! 

How cute is this?!?!

We got the character Clobber, and he is just the perfect fit for my little munchkin! His profile says that he loves to get physical playing sports and any kind of games. Like my Aleksus, he is super competitive, and wants to always be the winner! Clobber give it his best effort to stay calm , but once he's in the zone...WATCH OUT!

Even Mikey wanted to try on the Hoodsbee!~

A little more info from their website

Hoodsbee is an innovative hoodie that transforms into a plush friend or a plush friend that transforms into a hoodie. With Hoodsbee, there are so many options. This unique patented technology allows your little one to carry their travel plush buddy, put it on when it is cold, fold it back up into a plush and use it as a head pillow for when they are tired. It's as easy as 1,2,3! Fold, roll and snap! Now, not only do you have a pillow and a travel companion, but you also have a nicely wrapped up hoodie that is easy to store or travel with.

Hoodsbee was created when the design team at HLL design was trying to come up with a new kind of character hoodie jacket that could have a rolled up function into the hood.  After seeing the shape it created, they added arms, legs, eyes and ears to the hood to make it look more like a plush toy.  But it was still just a jacket rolled into the hood.  They found that by pulling the sides tightly together and fastening them in a specific spot, along with the front of the hood being fastened as well, that it kept everything nice and compact, tight and clean looking. And thus, hoodsbee was created.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink Review

I love mixed drinks, and especially when they  can give me energy! CLICK is a great tasting energy and protein drink to add to your morning routine. I tried this drink in place of my normal morning coffee, and I was excited to try it. To my surprise it tasted awesome! 

I added 12 oz of water to my shaker bottle, which was easy to read so I got just the right amount of water. 

Then I added 1 packet, it was the Vanilla flavor.

An then gave it a good shaking! See not only did it give me energy and taste great, it also made me wake up and get active

Here is more information on what CLICK has to offer in their awesome protein drinks! 
CLICK is a rich, delicious coffee protein powder beverage. Each 12- 14 ounce serving contains a double shot of gourmet espresso coffee, 15 grams of lasting protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. All CLICK products are naturally flavored, colored, gluten-free and CLICK’s high quality protein is made from cows that are NOT treated with the rBST.
* Get FREE SHIPPING for orders $40+
Calcium caseinate, spray-dried coffee, fructose, cocoa (processed with alkali), nonfat milk, sunflower oil, maltodextrin, natural flavor, LESS THAN 2% OF THE FOLLOWING: vitamin mineral blend (magnesium carbonate, ascorbic acid, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, alpha-tocopherol acetate, selenium amino acid chelate, niacinamide, copper gluconate, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, vitamin A palmitate, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, chromium dinicotinate glycinate, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, phytonadione, vitamin D3, vitamin B12), salt, carrageenan, sodium caseinate, potassium phosphate, mono- and di-glycerides, sucralose, soy lecithin, tocopherols added to protect flavor.

Contains milk and soybean. Produced on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, egg, wheat, sesame, shellfish.

Caffeine = 12-14 oz. brewed coffee, approximately 150 mg.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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ShadyBaby Launch promo Review

Shady Baby Launch Review!


If your a mother of children, you know that there are times when you need some extra shade for your babies face aside from the tint on the window.  GC Babies has such a great product for you to use! I have tried other cling shades before and honestly they just never stuck on right. They would fall down or were oddly bent that they would stick. I was so happy with GC Babies cling shades! they never fall down and stick PERFECTLY to the window! They don't have those suction cup that leave saliva rings on your windows either which is great! 

As you can see, as soon as I pulled them out of the package they sprung into action! They weren't all bent or ruined and stuck right on to my window! They haven't fallen down ONCE! I am very happy with this shade! 

A Few words from the Company website

We here at Now This Life are proud to introduce you to our newest brand line, CG Babies. In buying gifts for friends and family with new babies or small children, we discovered that there is a real dearth of high quality children's products and accessories at reasonable prices. There is a lot of cheap products that break or wear out after only a few uses, or they don't do what the package or advertising says they are supposed to do. So our small family-owned business set out to address the problem and CG Babies is our answer. When you see the logo with our two little giraffes, Geri and Rafi, you know you are going to get superior quality products and superior customer service, to boot. and that every time we offer for sale has been thoroughly tested by our own family and friends, and that you have a 100% Full Life-Time Money Back Guarantee on anything you purchase from us. We stand behind our products with pride.

Take a look at our newest product: SHADY BABY CLING SUNSHADES for you cars or vans. These babies will help make it so much more enjoyable when driving your own precious cargo around during hot weather or when the is glaring down.
Shady Baby screens are
  • Easy to apply and move around
  • Reduce sun glare and discomfort
  • Help you precious passengers feel cooler and more comfortable
  • Have a UV protection factor of 30+
  • Store compactly 
  • Allow excellent visibility so the children and see out easily
  • Have no detachable parts to fly off and injure someone in case of a crash or sudden stops
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Home For The Holidays Giveaway Blog Opp

addtext_com_MTY0MTIwNjE1OTU (2)
Bloggers needed to help promote this latest giveaway.
Dates are still being determined. Hopefully October 30th - November 30th (Cyber Monday)
Sign ups will end October 29th if the above date is correct.
Sponsors that have confirmed:
The Gathering of Friends cookbooks Identify Safe Wallets
D Stulls Creations - Etsy Shop
Faucet Face
Colortime Crafts and Markers
PC SpeedBoostColortime Crafts and Markers
Colors and More Colors - Etsy Shop
Zim's Advanced
Smile Brillant
VinylDezignz - Etsy Shop
I have several more just waiting on confirmation.
Planning on 1 winner, but if prizes add up enough or we get offered more than 1 of anything will change.
I am also willing to trade prizes for co-host spots!
Also if you know of companies that want to be involved please let me know at las930 at charter dot net.
I would love to thank all of the bloggers from the Sweetest Day Giveaway! We had over 105,000 entries.
So Awesome!
I have had a lot of help from more experienced bloggers out there. I have learn that there are a lot of rules I did not know when I started all this. The below link has a great article to learn more about the rules for giveaways:
The site/person signing up the most bloggers get a free co-host spot, must sign up a minimum of 3 to win, free promoters DO count! If already paid will return money day contest starts.
You will get 2 FREE Links (Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram Only)for posting the Bloggers opp, if you do not want to post you can send $3 to the below paypal address for the 2 links. Co-Host spots are available for $7 for 4 links ( of your choice, excluding G+) plus the 2 FREE non Co-Host links, so a total of 6 links. Also if a extra like or follow page is available you will receive them as well depending upon the number of Co-Hosts that join. All co-hosts receive at minimum of 1 secret word, likes or follow, etc pages. Co-Host payment must be made via PayPal only, with the word “Home” placed in the PayPal comment section. Please submit your payment to the email address shown below.
It is my understanding that if a giveaway is live before the 11/5 deadline, we can continue the way it is. I will be giving you an alternate space so I can change facebook links, if this is not true. You must agree to promote this giveaway a minimum of 4 times a week on Twitter, and another Social Media site of your choice. You must also agree to post this giveaway on the time and date shown below. This giveaway will be valid in the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. I would like to use #HFTH1114 for tweets. Also if you include my handle @las930 I try at least 3 times a day to retweet your tweets. Probably in the middle of the night, but whenever I can I will retweet.
Please make sure that you enter the correct links on the sign-up form.
Make sure that they are working and no issues. Also please make sure
that you sign-up only once.
Thanks and any questions please email me las930 at charter dot net

#EZBZTampa Twitter Party! 10/27/14

EZBZ Twitter Party (10/21, 10/24 and 10/30) at 6pm EST …Win a Weekend Trip for Two!

DATES & TIMES: The party dates are Oct. 21st, 27th and 30th, all at 6pm EST. We will be holding a total of 3 Twitter parties. 
PRIZE INFO: There will be many prizes including one GRAND PRIZE that will be given after the three parties are over: A weekend getaway trip for two (location tbd). You MUST attend ALL three parties in order to qualify to win the grand prize.

EZBZ Twitter Party (10/21, 10/27 and 10/30) at 6pm EST

EZBZ Information: EZBZ Is there something in your house that really needs to be repaired? Do you have a leaky faucet? Is your dryer not drying your clothes as fast as it once did? Have you lost a few things in your back yard because the grass is so high? EZBZ can help you fix these problems at a price you can afford! EZBZ is a ‘reverse bidding’ platform that matches consumer generated inquiries for services or products with accredited businesses and service providers in their locale, and who can bid competitively for the user’s business. It’s really easy to use! Why should finding a painter, buying a computer table or finding a hair stylist, be so painful? Why should each entail numerous phone calls and hours of web surfing to compare prices and availability? EZBZ is a type of personal ‘concierge,’ a service that enables you to find what you need when you need it. It invites local accredited businesses to bid competitively for your business and lets you know about fantastic deals in your neighborhood, all in real time!
This is a great way for you to find a great price on a service you need and it’s a great way to help you advertise your business to your audience!
EZBZ is the sponsor of our Twitter party. I always love a fun Twitter Party. There are always a lot of great prizes and it’s a lot of fun to hang out with other people online! EZBZ Twitter Party
EZBZ Twitter Party (10/21, 10/27 and 10/30) at 6pm EST ...Win a Weekend Trip for Two!

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100+ PR Friendly Bloggers Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Brought to you by over 100+ Bloggers

Thank you for stopping by StellarManicMommy2! I am proud to be apart of the HGG with 100+ other great Bloggers! We are all PR friendly, and would love to help you as the company advertise your products! You can view my contact information here-> CONTACT ME
We know, it’s not even Halloween , and you are still not ready to think about basting a turkey for Thanksgiving . But the holidays are so close, I can taste the eggnog latte’ from my favorite coffee house. But here we are , over 100 bloggers ready to dig in, jump for joy, shout out at the top of our blogs to bring you a fantastic, Fun Interactive -2014 Holiday Gift Guide with some really cool twists this year.
We are just kicking off so many more items will be added to our gift guide. Even Santa will be handing out some really nice prizes in our Gala Holiday Giveaway Bash and fun Social Media Facebook and Twitter Game nights too. You might just find yourself the lucky winner of some gift cards and cool gifts, to help ease those shopping woes. We truly are looking forward to all our fan participation from a huge blogger family – Yes over 100 of our fabulous bloggers will bring you their best holiday recipes, tips, tricks, money-saving ideas and even some great DIY decorations and gifts too. Who knows even a Secret Santa + much more.
This year we are including something for everyone. Kids will love the ” Bear on the Chair” and the Hot TheO Smart Ball, this year in our Gifts for Toddlers and Kids Section. Need a gift for your boss or coworker , then be sure to stop by , and let our personal Dove Chocolatier, Nicole who has a huge assortment of sweet tooth goodies to hand out in our Gourmet Food Gifts Section . How about your hard to buy for guy in your life? Stop by our Gifts for Guys section, With Sports Tech you can’t go wrong , or give a great Craft Beer monthly gift to your Dad. Moms we have so many gift choices from Beauty Care Choices and Michelle with her hot wanted, 3D Moonstruck Fiber Lashes in our Gifts for Ladies section, and new Moms will love the Boho Momma Breast Feeding wraps. So many will help you with the perfect stocking stuffer- your girlfriend will be so surprised you came up with that one. sure to make any more jump for joy. 
Picky Teens – don’t stress it , come see all our Hot Teen Gift Ideas. We have a wonderful line up for them as well. Great Holiday Decorating Gifts for the Home, Let Forest Christmas dawn your door with a real wreath sent free !

We have so many gifts and specific gift guides for everyone on your shopping list. Way t0o many to mention in just one blurb, so more to come for sure ! Visit our 100 Blogger’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014 today, book mark it to keep coming back for all the new gifts being added to and some Great FUN Time over the next two months ! If you have a product you would like to have listed and featured on our gift guide – contact us today !
Visit the Holiday Gift Guide 20014- 100+ Bloggers 
Special Thanks to one of our 100 co-host bloggers Ramblings of a Bad Domestic Goddess , for helping with this post.