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Try The World Review

If you’re like me you Love bi-monthly subscription box, it’s like a sweet treat you get once a month. Something to look forward to when the time comes! So when I heard about Trythe World, I was very excited to see what it is all about. 

Trythe world is a Bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a new treat each time! You get to try foods from all around the world right from your own home! How cool is that?! I love trying new foods, I defiantly define myself as a foodie, I enjoy cooking for my family; watching their faces light up and squint with joy of the pallet.

So let get down to business on what you can expect when you sign up for your Try the World box. 

Artisans Produce
All the products you receive in your box are sourced from traditional & local producers who love what they make. So you know what you are getting is made with heart.  

Experts Curate 
Local foodie experts find delicious foods from around the world just for you! 

You Enjoy
Taste great food from all around the world right from your home! 

Check out this Paris Inspired Box!

Or you can get some amazing things from the Rome Box that will be...

Leone has been producing pastille candy originals using traditional bronze molds and high quality ingredients in Torino, in northeast Italy, since 1857.

 La Mère Poulard biscuits are made from carefully selected ingredients using recipes created in France by the chef, La Mère Poulard., in her famous restaurant at Mont Saint-Michel, the most well-known UNESCO heritage site.

Those Italian Amaretti cookies by Lazzaroni are made after a centuries-old recipe in the Lombardy city of Saronno. Those amaretto (almond flavored) macarons have a crunchy texture that perfectly matches a sip of Italian rich coffee.

So now you know what greatness is ahead of you!

Or maybe you think this is a great item to give someone for a special Occasion! I mean Christmas is going to be here faster than you know it! 

We are actually changing our pricing in two weeks and the new website will be available by November 15th . So here is how it will work :

-         People can subscribe for $39 / box every two months – instead of $45! They can still cancel any time and shipping is still free. The more they commit in their subscription, the cheaper the box.
-         People can offer boxes as gifts for $50 per box – instead of previous $55 !

And starting November 1st, new subscribers will go for a blind tour : every two months, they will receive a new Box of the Month.

As they start the tour, they will still be able to choose receiving the Paris box instead of their first Box of the Month, but the previous Tokyo, Rome, Istanbul & New Delhi boxes will not be available any more.

Here is the story of how Travel the Worldcame to be.
(Directly from website) 

At Try The World, we believe that life is too short to not try everything that's out in the world. So we created the first subscription program to discover the best gourmet food and cultural finds from across the globe, delivered to your door!
We are launching with Paris, and we plan to take you on an incredible journey across continents delivering some of the best products from the most exciting places on the planet. 
This month's Paris Box will give you a taste of Paris through some of the finest gourmet products sourced from across France. This limited edition box includes all natural nougat, jams, salted butter caramels and other delicacies made by family-owned companies. You will also discover a collection of cultural gems to further enhance your experience of the French lifestyle.
Try The World was founded by Kat and David who met while studying at Columbia University, and grew out of their passion for travel and for discovering new cultures. They founded this company to create the experience of learning about new cultures through trying amazing foreign products, without needing a passport! 
Kat fell in love with France when she lived in Paris while studying abroad for 9 months. Since then she has traveled to 4 continents and more than 25 countries. Every time she traveled, Kat came home with a box of souvenirs, and delighted her friends and family with her unusual yet delectable finds. 
David is French, he grew up in Paris and came to New York in 2012. He has been traveling across all 16 continents (they have been lying to you, there are more than 7 continents). Through his experience of European, North American and Asian cultures, David realized how important local products and local cultures are in our understanding of different lifestyles. Enjoying another culture's products is getting closer to the culture itself.. As Epictetus said, "bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast". 
All our products are USFDA approved, but are difficult to find in the United States.. They are hand picked by Try The World's team of travelers as well as by local experts, with a promise that they pass our highly selective criteria, eyes, ears and tastes! 
Kat & David

So what are you waiting for??? This is an amazing opportunity to live outside of the American Box, and try something new right from your own home! I know I am defiantly going to look into getting one ASAP, you should to! Live a little and enjoy the world....the only way to do that is by

Sponsored and paid for by Try the World Disclosure: StellarManicMommy2 received compensation in exchange for her unbiased, honest review. All of the opinions that are expressed are 100% StellarManicMommys own opinions. If you have any questions please Contact Stellarmanicmommy2 via email at 

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