Monday, November 10, 2014

Strider Bike Review

Aleksus has SPD, so when I heard about these types of bikes in my mom groups I really wanted to try one out for her. Thankfully Strider Bikes was able to give us one for review! Let me tell you, this bike is awesome! See Leks tends to have a very short fuse when she cant understand something, it frustrates her into a tantrum. So while I have only heard good things on these bikes, you can be sure I was still nervous to she how she would handle it. To my surprise she did awesome! Sure we had a couple moments of frustration, but she didn't want to give up which is a new thing for her. She rode the bike for a good hour up and down the drive way till we decided to try it down the side walk. Her excitement for rolling around was enough to make my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!  

Honestly, Its never too early to get your kids outside to learn some Balance. The 12" Strider Sport is the perfect Toddler Bike that will help to teach your kiddo how to balance on two wheels. As they practice they build the confidence they need for when they ride a petal bike WITHOUT training wheels!!

- Ages 18 months to 5 years old
-Super Light weight! 3.0/6.7 lbs
-Max Rider weight is 27kg/60lbs
- It comes in SEVEN fun colors

We seriously love this bike, it helped Aleksus start to learn balance. The best part is they don't only have bikes for little kids, they also have them sized for older kids! So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the kid in your life, wither they have a disability or not then you need to check out... Strider Bikes!

As a mom who has a preschooler with SPD, I know there are going to be challenges in certain areas of developmental growth. However, thanks to companies like Strider we have help in dealing with those who have children with learning disabilities. I can't be happier with their product line, and their cause for making them. I thank you Ryan McFarland, for not giving up on your child and inventing something to help children all around the world meet developmental milestone they might have not done so before. 

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