Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kernel Seasons Movie Night Pack Avaliable Nov 11th-25th!

With the weather getting colder these days, you find yourself wanting to get closer with your loved ones and need ways to stay inside and do things together. So a great way to do that is by staying inside and watching movies with your loved ones and or your kids. I was given the opportunity to test out kernel sensation new movies pack. Which is amazing because you not only get your popcorn but you also get four different flavors to add to your popcorn to give it that extra kick.

This is such a great gift for anyone really, because who doesn't love Popcorn right? I know in my home its our go to snack! So in the package you will get Four season adders and 2 bag of popcorn. Now I have never popped my corn this way before so I was excited to try it out. 

So what you do is pour out the oil into your pan, then heat it up and add the Kernal to the oil. Stir it around then you want to make sure you put the lid on or your Popcorn will pop right out of your pan! 
One they have all popped (or until it's quieted down to a couple pops, take it off the heat and then add it to your bowls. We did two so that I could try a flavor and Leks could try a flavor. :)

Leks tried Nacho Cheese and I tried The Kettle Corn season. They really added that extra flavor we needed to our popcorn. So we laid some blankets down and watched a movie. It was so fun to make this popcorn, leks loved being able to watch the popcorn pop! I highly recommend this package because it comes with everything you need to make your movie night perfect! 

You can your Kernal Seasons Movie Pack at Walmart until the 25th! So hurry and go get your perfect movie night started! 

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