Friday, October 24, 2014

Top Kitchen Tools and Bakeware for Fall Cooking

Now that we are into the harvest season, cooks begin to use certain spices and ingredients when creating foods and drinks that are distinctive of this season. Along with the proper ingredients, it is also necessary to have appropriate kitchen tools. When purchasing kitchen tools, it is crucial that buyers invest in cookware and kitchen tools that is long lasting and appropriate for the desired dish or drink. 

Tools for Fall Foods 

Food that we cook during the fall season is often slow cooked simmered and made with distinctive spices and hearty ingredients that warms the soul and satisfies the belly. The first step to making these delicious foods is to use high quality cookware. Le Creuset bakeware is made from cast iron material and coated in a porcelain enamel glaze, Le Creuset cookware delivers quality performance and is absolutely wonderful to use for fall inspired recipes. These products will produce warmth far better than other bakeware available, making this brand an ideal choice for cookware. Le Creuset offers a myriad of styles which are designed with specific cooking techniques and dishes in mind.

Perfect for Au gratin potatoes, casseroles or stuffing!
Le Creuset - PG0400-12 Stoneware 6-Ounce Petite Au Gratin Dish Color: Cherry LEC1332_9789121 - $12.99, 5.74 shipping - Available at

This enameled cast iron roaster is durable and resists breaking. With even heat distribution and greater heat retention, the food cooks evenly and dependably. The low-profile design makes this cookware ideal for roasting meats, like turkey, chicken, or even baking dishes like casseroles and lasagnas. The signature roasters feature loop handles for easier lifting when wearing oven mitts.
The Dune collection complements any color palette and makes the perfect gift. Only Le Creuset offers such a wide range of unique shapes and designs.
Le Creuset - L2011-402 10"" x 15.75"" Rectangular Roaster Color: Dune LEC1167_9789099 - $214.95, Free shipping - Available at Marketplace

This roasting pan makes the absolute best roasts!
Le Creuset - Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack - $269.95, Free shipping - Available at

Le Creuset - Lodge® Cast Iron 12" Skillet - $32.95, Free shipping - Available at Crate & Barrel

Le Creuset - Round Tarte Tatin Pan 9-3/4 - $109.95, Free shipping - Available at ABT

Create the best toasted turkey sandwiches with your Thanksgiving left overs! Tip: Start with your favorite panini bread or sandwich rolls (french bread works great). Spread some mayo on the inside (optional). Line with a nice portion of turkey meat, Pile a generous spoonful or two of stuffing on top of the turkey meat. Finally, add a generous spoonful of cranberry jelly. Press your sandwich with this great product and enjoy!
Le Creuset - Cast Iron Square Grill Press - $99.95, Free shipping - Available at CHEFS Catalog

Le Creuset - Revolution Wooden Spoon - $24.00, 5.17 shipping - Available at Marketplace

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Le Creuset - Spoon Rest - Palm - Le Creuset Stoneware - $25.12, 5.74 shipping - Available at

Le Creuset - Set Of 3 Flame Serving Platters - PG0339412 - $99.99, Free shipping - Available at ABT

Le Creuset - Cast Iron Pot Stand - $399.95, Free shipping - Available at ABT

Le Creuset - Pocket Spinhandle Corkscrew (Black) - $21.95, 5.74 shipping - Available at

Feature your homemade pies with this great cake stand!
Le Creuset - 12 in. Cake Stand - Cassis Multicolor - PG8600-2372 LEC638 - $50.00, Free shipping - Available at

I hope that you enjoyed my top kitchen tools and bakeware for fall cooking list. I would love to hear your favorites from the list. Sound off in the comments below!

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