Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Splash Card Giveaway

Hey Guys! Winning Movies is going to be sponsoring this Awesome Giveaway for Splash Cards Line! All 4 of them will be given to the winner! 

What are Splash Cards???

Revolutionary cards that are waterproof, lightweight, washable and they float! Battle it out with an astronaut-Sump Wrestler with legs as delicate as a Ballerina or fight back with a Caveman-Mermaid with the brain of a Robot. Kids of all ages will enjoy making their own splash pals!

So would you Like to sign up your Facebook to this Giveaway? Or Co Host? Fill out the form below and lets have some fun!!!


  1. That's a cool concept. I know myself, I would love to be able to play Gin Rummy when I'm in a jacuzzi with my sweetie.