Monday, February 2, 2015

Eli's Cheesecake Review #SGG

Who in their right mind doesn't want to try out a cheesecake? I mean I understand if your lactose intolerant you might not want to, but I don't so I was super stoked to try this out! I received this cheesecake in a very well packaged box, and the cheesecake was kept cold by dry ice. You need to be careful when handling your package because dry ice can burn your skin. All I did was use some oven mittens and I was fine. So first thing I noticed and loved was that it was pre-sliced! Hello! Thank you Eli's Cheesecake Company for portioning my cake out for me, because we all know my sliced are larger than normal. 

Directly from their website
Eli's has been one of Chicago's most iconic brands since the 1980's, offering a wide variety of signature cheesecakes.  We have been featured on the Food Network, the Jay Leno show, and several other national broadcasts.  Additionally, we have created the honorary cheesecake for Presidential inaugurations, Chicago’s Birthday and many Chicagoland events. 

I mean how awesome is that? It doesn't surprise me really, because when I tasted it it simply melted in my mouth! WOW! This was really good, even just as a plain cheesecake! I usually prefer to have some sort of dressing on mine, but even as a plain piece it was so good! 

I did make a quick dressing for it though so I could test out the cake in both situations, at least thats what I'm going with. I made a strawberry sauce, which was very easy to do. All you need is a handful of strawberries, sugar, water, and some honey. 

Take the strawberries and cut them up into small chunks, then add sugar and let them bleed a little, then add about half a cup of water and bring to a boil, Then take the mixture add it to your blender, add a tblsp of honey, and pulse it till it's a smooth consistency. TADA! 

Lets just say, I ate the whole slice in minutes because of how rich and creamy it was! Want to enjoy the same love for cheesecake as me?

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  1. Blueberries would probably be my favorite topping although most of my family prefers cheesecake to be plain.

  2. Fresh raspberries and a dark chocolate drizzle sounds good to me :)

  3. Turtle - caramel, chocolate, pecan - is my favorite cheesecake topping!

  4. Strawberries would be my favorite topping.

  5. My favorite cheesecake topping is fresh strawberries.

  6. Their cheesecakes look DIVINE! I could go for a chocolate chip cheesecake now!