Friday, September 5, 2014

Potty Patrol Review + Giveaway!

So there comes a time in a child's life when it is time to potty train. Any mom knows that this isnt always an easy task! Potty training can be very hard, exhausting, and frustrating. Thankfully there are companies who have stepped up to the plate to help you out in getting your child on the right track.

Potty Patrol is a great company who came up with a BRILLIANT idea! They have created a diaper that has a function of playing an alarm letting you and your child know its time to run to the bathroom. 

Your starter kit will come with 24 diapers and the attachable alarm that will get you going on the right track to attack the woes of potty training. 

When you open the box you will see there is a pamphlet giving you instructions on how to use these diapers best to insure that you have the best possible outcome in your potty training adventure. 

Her is the cute little alarm in a pink color (because I have a girl) but they also offer a blue color for boys. :0)

When you take your alarm out you will see a little whole and speaker section where the alarm will sound and play the song "Twinkle Twinkle" when the diaper contains moisture. This is when you head to the bathroom so that they know to use the potty. In time they will go before the alarm sounds so that it becomes a game! 

To activate the alarm piece simply pull out the tabs. Then your ready to hook it on to the diapers tabs and now you wait!

While the diaer did look a little large, it actually fit her just right and hugged in all the right places! 

Here is a video demonstration of how it works. :)

Check out their website here... PottyPatrol

Enter below to win your own Starter kit! 

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