Thursday, September 18, 2014

Subscription Box September: Swaag Box

So I sure you have seen the advertisement for swaag box on your facebook feed at some point or another. Well I decided to try it out, i mean for $14 that's pretty fair. 
What swaag box does is send you a monthly box specially fit for your "Women's Monthly Visitor", and they send you a little something to perk up that time of the month. 

In my first box I got a bunch of goodies that really made me giggle with joy on how great it is to receive such a fun box!
-Box of Tampons

I got a great silver bracelet! Super high fashion ;) 

A really pretty colored lip gloss.

I also got some candies, because we all know that we tend to get a sweet tooth during this time of the month! Good on ya Swaag Box

And of course the one thing we all need during that time of the month. TAMPONS!

This was such a great little box to get, I'm excited to see what I get in my next one! I mean who doesn't want a little box with goodies during that time of the month to cheer you up? Plus its only $14!!!

So sign up for your monthly gift that helps you deal with your other monthly gift! ;) 

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