Sunday, August 10, 2014

Latchy Catchy Door Review


I was given the chance to test out one of ~~~> LATCHY CATCHY <~~~ products!
I have a toddler who loves to lock herself in rooms now that she knows how too, which can be scary! Thankfully our locks are able to be unlocked via a pin or knife, but that still can be a pain in the rear end! So this is such a great product for those with small children! Not to mention How pretty they are!
This is the one I was able to test! The pattern is so pretty! Not to mention it is built so well and even its on our long handle doors it fits perfectly!

As you can see it has a stretchy band that is sewn into the padded part that goes over the door hinge.

This is how it looks when laid flat. It has two stretchy bands sewn onto each end to go on to each side of the door.

Take one end of the pad and stretch it over one side of the handle.

Stretch it over to the other side of the door.

And then place it on the other handle. For those who have long handles like me just take the one side that's already hooked and stretch that band to give you more stretched onto the other side.

Then place that end for the other handle and make sure the pad goes over the hinge.

As you can see here I covered the locking part and it pushes out a little bit which is good because it stops the door from completely shutting to save those little fingers :)

Then you can just slide the door all the way shut!

And No more locking themselves in the room! Not to mention it makes the door quiet when closing!
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Here is information directly from her product....
Ever get tired of hearing that door slam? Just put the baby down and trying to sneak out of the room? Have a toddler that is constantly locking themselves in their room? Here is your solution!

- The Latchy Catchy allows you to open or close any interior door silently!
- Prevents toddlers from getting locked in/or locking you out of a room by not allowing the latch to engage.
- Made of durable designer fabric and stretchy elastic straps.
- Conveniently fits all door shapes and sizes (including lever or french handles).
- Thick enough to keep the door tightly shut.
- Comes in beautiful high quality fabrics to blend with any style or decor.
- Hangs on door knob when not in use. Easily slips into place when needed. Never have to
hunt and search for your sleep saving secret weapon!
- Great for schools, libraries, day spas, military housing, late night bathroom breaks, loud roommates, senior citizen communities and more!
-Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton

"Don't Latch it, Catch it!"

***THE LATCHY CATCHY is patented, do not reproduce US PAT #684,850 ***

(Each item is hand crafted and may vary slightly from stock photo)

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