Monday, August 25, 2014

My VOX BOX From Influenster

I got my FIRST Box from Influenster and I loved it! There were so many goodies in it I couldn't believe how much stuff was in there!
I cant wait to earn all my badges so that I can hopefully get more free stuff! I mean who doesnt love free stuff right?! 

I got a full bottle of Unsweetened Pure Leaf sweet tea, and usually I only drink sweet tea, but while walking around the Farmers Market I cracked it open and found myself enjoying it!

And who doesn't want a little extra burst of energy that will help them get bikini ready? I know I Do! I mean they states great, and are just like candy gummies! (make sure you take as directed) 

Ohh and these Softlips Get Cubes Lip balm is DA BOMB! It goes on so smooth, I didn't loose it in my diaper bag, and it makes my lips tingle and feel revitalized! 

I cant wait to get my NEXT box! :) 

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