Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sensational Senses "Under the Sea" Sensory Bucket Review

Who doesn't love sensory play for your little ones? I know I do! I'm constantly looking on Pinterest for different things to do with my kids that will help them in the sensory department. I stumbled across this store on easy called Sensational Senses! She has so many goodies and games for little ones to play with while they learn at the same time!
I was given the Under the Sea Bin to review, and let me tell you... it was a instant hit!
Leks LOVES to play with it, and not to mention the set up was so easy!
This is how I received the bin, everything inside just waiting to be played with!
I took everything out which included everything you see here! So much fun!

There was...
- Water beads
-Plastic Sea Creatures
-Sea Theme Stickers
- A yellow Pitcher
- A red Cup

As you can see the water beads come dry, and simply need water to activate them,

I poured the beads into the bin.

Added about 3 cups of water to start.

Which gave them a good amount to absorb. However these little balls suck up almost all of it so you will let them set for about 2 hours to gain size.

Here you can see how they grew! They are squishy too! Super fun to play with!

Leks LOVED the feel of them! Once I added all the little sea creatures she screamed "OMG I can't believe it! Treasure!"

Then she squished all the creatures down so she could retrieve them all on her own!
I loved this sensory bin and so did my kiddo! She has played with it everyday since! Always wanting to find treasure!
I highly recommend her store as she has SO MANY MORE fun sensory items that are all themed and are bins of fun for your little ones!
From Sensational Senses...

 Welcome to Sensational Senses! Sensory activities are so important for child development, their sense of creativity, and awe of the world!

We sell sensory bins, slimes, learning activities, and other sensory play items to help encourage young children's creativity and imagination to soar! This is a such great way to keep the tv off! Each bin includes a base such as colored rice or sand ect, things to scoop and pour with, and items that match the theme! The bin IS included. Special requests taken. :)

Some of these bins would be great for memory care or children with sensory disorders. They have a very calming effect.

**If you would like any item without the bin or filler(rice, sand, ect) please just let me know. I can make a custom listing for you!** 
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  1. Thanks for this review. I am always looking for sensory activities for my son who has sensory issues. I have tried the sand, corn, dry peas, playdough, etc but I have not tried these water beads.