Sunday, August 10, 2014

LeapFrog LeapBand Review!

Hello Hello!!! 

Are you a parent who is excited about the NEW Leap Frog LeapBand?!?!

I know I was so excited to see them come out with a new product that helps our kids get active! So as soon as it came out I ordered it! Aleksus loves her LeapPad2, it goes everywhere with us and has helped her learn to count, recognize words, and get creative! 

I was probably more excited when this arrived at our door step then Leks was! HAHA! 

This thing is seriously cute! I got it in the green color so that at some point her brother can use it too. Though Leks is quite the tomboy herself so she loved that I got green instead of pink. :) 

Even though there was a picture of a dragon on the screen the child is able to choose their own pet and they have lots of animals to choose from. Ultimately she choose the Robot. "Mommy I want the Bo-Bot!" 

On one side of the box it shows how you can customize your pet buy choosing different colors!

And you can also see what system requirements you will need. Chances are if you own a LeapFrog item you have already downloaded the essentials. 

On the back it shows some of the different things you can do from jumping like a kangaroo to feeding your pet and giving him a bath!

Why not extend your play?!?! We all now have smart phones and other tablets, so if you would like to get in on LeapFrog on the go you have options to download it to your other electronic devices! How cool is that?!

Here are some other features that come with the purchase of this item. Water Resistant?! Heck yes! Good idea LaepFrog! We know how dirty kids can get, accidents can happen so it great that this is built to last! 

So you open from the side and this is what you will get in your package.

Your LeapBand, 2 instruction cards, connection wire (also used to charge it) and the instruction manual.

So let look at the Band itself...Super cute and bright colors! There is a home button, active button, and choice buttons. 

On the right side you will see where the usb is to be plugged in for downloading and charging. 

You don't want your band to come flying off in the middle of all the fun activities do ya?! Nope! So make sure you secure it tight, but not too tight!

Now you can see that the straps are a rubber material and cant stretch open to fit it on to the child wrist. 

So what your going to do is follow directions in starting your LeapBand experience! 

Press the Activity Challange Button and hold down for about 5 seconds.

Then go to 

Plug in your LeapBand

Once you get to the site you will be take to down load the leapband system. 

 You will have the opportunity to download more active play to your other devices!

You can view the pets your child has earned as well as their weekly progress and how many joules they have earned by being kids and doing that they do best!

And there you go your Leap band is ready to be played with! 

As you can see Leks picked a blue robot that she named Sparkles! :) 

I cant express enough how thankful I am for Leapfrog and how much it has helped my daughter grow as a toddler. They are completely geared towards furthering your child educational abilities through fun games that can keep their attention! Which as any parent of a toddler will attest to is NOT easy to do! 

Now while the LeapPad2 is great for our kids, you want something that will stimulate their muscles and minds. So for LeapFrog to come out with this product is AWESOME! It has got not only my 3 year old "Flapping like a bird" but it also has me doing it along with her. So it is helping us build memories of fun and laughter together! 

Thank you LeapFrog!!!

Get Your LeapBand HERE!!!


  1. This is awesome! I love Leap Frog products for my daughter, and so does my daughter. I'll have to look into this when she gets a bit older!

  2. What a great product. Leap Frog is amazing.

  3. I have never heard of this before, but it looks great! I like that it is small so it is nice an portable. "Sparkles" that's a great name!

  4. The Leapfrog Leap Pad was a big hit when my kids were young. They are grown now but I'm happy to see that this company is still creating new technology for today's little guys and gals.

  5. I had not heard of this until now. What a great product. I wish my kids were little still so they could use it. I will keep it in mind for a gift.

  6. WOW this looks like it would be perfect for a little person that i adore!!! great review cant wait to see more you dominated this one i love all the pictures

  7. I didn't LeapFrog was coming out with this, but it looks cool. Wonder if it will work with the original LeapPads.