Friday, July 18, 2014

Allow myself to Introduce....Myself.

Hello Hello,
My name is Amanda and I’m a mom. I have a 3 year old daughter Aleksus, and I gave birth to our LAST addition Michael 3 months ago! :)
I am married to the one man who knocked my feet out from underneath me, Nathan.
Anyways, a little about me. I am in my late 20′s but refuse to ever hit 30 (even though I hear its the new 20), I’m a stay at home mom and full time badass. I like to do crafty things and pretend like I have moves to prove when dancing to music. I also like to imagine I can sing like Celine, and have the mind of Albert Einstein.
Ok, I really don't know what else to say about myself at this point because ever since having a children my life has been about them. I do everything in my day to make them happy….scratch that….to survive the day with them with some sanity. I honestly never knew what I as getting into having kids, and I find it cruel that my parents never warned me. Motherhood is NOT, and I repeat NOT easy! It is however one of the most rewarding (sometimes) full-time job in the world.
Well, I’m writing this blog to document my day to day (when I have the time between diaper changes and cleaning up messes) life of how I have managed to survive motherhood. I will share tips and tricks of the trade that I have learned from other moms and such. I hope you have fun traveling this crazy train with me ;) and please comment on posts so I know I’m not alone, because us mommies need to stick together!
Signing off…..

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