Friday, July 18, 2014

I Hate Potty Training.

Well the time has come for the potty training to start.

See my daughter played with my emotions at 6 months old when she stopped peeing at night and waiting till morning. I thought awesome shes going to be easy to potty train!


I was so very wrong.

Ive come to find that potty training a toddler is a lot like house breaking a dog.
Minus the swatting of the nose, or rubbing their nose in it.
Although maybe a squirt gun would work everytimes she looks like shes about to piss on the floor.

Ive tried making a chart, keeping candy in the bathroom for a treat everytime she goes in the potty. But no. She hated going in there. So I did what any parent would do and bought a kid porta potty. That sucker was in whatever room she was in.

What tricked worked? Keeping her stark naked all day...but then I had this tiny human running naked circles in the living room for hours. Alas I went with what was working, and for awhile it did. So I thought great lets try panties.
(Have you ever tried to clean poo out of panties from a toddler....its like drunk people poo)
Panties are a fail. She would either pee in them while sitting OR standing.

We are still working on it and Im sure not all kids follow the "potty trained in 3 days rule" so im not too worried.

But if I wanted to clean pee and poop off the floor I would have gotten a dog. At least it would be obedient! 

So the pee and poo chronicles continue....

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