Saturday, July 19, 2014

ooGaa Silicone baby Spoons Review

I receive a Citrus Lane box for both of my kids monthly. Recently I have recived a product that I really like and my oldest has enjoyed.

My daughter revived an ooGaa 3 part plate, and my son received two baby teething spoons. Now although Miley is still a bit young to use them on account that he will shove the whole think in his mouth, Aleksus loves using them.

The little animal impression on the items are very cute and defiantly caught Aleksus attention.

The plate is great for portion control and allowing the child to view 3 different options of food. I like to use this plate or snacks, using strawberries or cheese and crackers.
To test the spoons out this morning Aleksus wanted cereal so I took the opportunity to see how she did with the spoons.
All ready!

The work great! She is able to maintain a grasp on the handle because of the silicone, and the length is just perfect from hand to mouth feeding. Usually I have to help her feed herself because she tends to be not so confident in doing it herself for fear of making a mess.
But with the ooGaa spoons she didn't spill a drop!

She was so proud of herself! And with the different options in color she wanted to use the next one to eat her yogurt.
On top of all this she did enjoy teething on it because of the soft silicone it felt good.

I would highly recommend these product to mothers of babies and toddlers! They have so many cute and helpful imaginative products for your little ones that will help meal time fun!

Check them out HERE!!!

Enjoy! :)