Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shea Butter by Beauty by Shea

I was given the opportunity to review a product called Raw Organic Sea Butter, which come to find out has some pretty cool uses! Of course when I receive a product like this I automatically head to Pinterest to find ideas on how to use it. You can use it to make body butter, soap, conditioner, lotions, and use it in moisturizing.
I loved the way it was packaged! Is simple yet very classy!

I received 1lb from Beauty by Shea, which defiantly gives you a lot of room for creativity!

What I first tried with the Shea butter was rubbing it into my cuticles which helps to moisturize them and keep them healthy. 

Then I decided to get even more creative and used some of my essential oils to make some specific body butters. Heres what I did...

Added 1 Tblsp Of coconut oil

1/4 cup of Shea Butter

Mixed them together well

added 5 drops of Serenity Oil

added 5 drops of Balance Oil

And I added 8 drops of Lavender Oil

Mixed it all together and all done! Now I have a AMAZING smelling body butter that is helpful in balancing the mind and body as well as helping with relaxation.

So I took my 3 1/2 months feet and took a small dab of butter and massaged his feet with it. Honestly I think this is way better then just putting the oil directly on him, it actually calmed him down and fell asleep for a nap shortly after rubbing it on!

If you are interested in purchasing some of this awesome and versatile Shea Butter go to their Amazon listing HERE
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Heres a Little bit of info from the company on their product...
Beauty By Shea 100% Ivory Organic Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter is imported directly from Ghana, and is 100% pure and natural, nothing else added!
  • Naturally rich in essential vitamins for beautiful skin, Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter will nourish your skin with Vitamins A, E, F & K. Use this Beauty By Shea Organic Raw Shea Butter daily and often for beautiful, moisturized, luminous skin.

  • Raw Organic Unrefined Shea Butter is perfect for topical use on skin and hair, and the perfect essential ingredient for homemade lotions, soaps, conditioners and more!
  • **PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT** Due to the hot summer months, it is suggested you use 2 day shipping, as this pure shea butter naturally softens in the heat. If you receive the shea butter and it's too soft, simply place in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes or until the Shea Butter returns to a more desirable solid texture. This will ensure it's natural richness and nutrients are intact.
  • • 16 oz (1lb) of Pure Organic Unrefined Raw Shea Butter from Beauty By Shea is made with extra care to ensure you receive the purest Raw Shea Butter. Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter is double filtered, which means it is made and filtered in Ghana, and then shipped to the US where it is filtered a second time to provide customers the purest Raw Organic Shea Butter possible. After being filtered a second time in the US, the Raw Organic Shea Butter is made into the 16oz (1 lb) bricks, packaged and heat sealed into the packaging thereby preserving the natural richness, and purity of the Shea butter for our customers. 

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    1. I would use the Shea to make baby butt balm sticks and deodorant :)

    2. I have really dry skin and my feet are especially dry. I would use the Shea butter to moisturize my feet everyday and hope that this South Dakota weather didn't beat me!

    3. I would use it on my cuticles and make my own body butter like you did. I have essential oils and I think this would really hydrate my dry skin!

    4. I'm making lotion bars and already have organic raw coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and have been overwhelmed on amazon looking for organic shea butter- this one is soo perfect! I want to give them as gifts and wrap them pretty, too!

    5. I would use it to make my own body butters...it's nice having something totally customized to your tastes.

    6. I'd love to use it on my cuticles and make body butter as well

    7. I have really dry skin since having a baby so I'd use it with the coconut oil!

    8. I love using it as a hair mask with olive oil, coconut oil, some conditioner, and a few drops of lavender oil. Leave on for an hour or more and then rinse out. My hair feels great and smells nice afterward. I love shea butter. If I'd won I'd make more of that or use on dry skin too

    9. I would probably use it to make lotions and lip balm for my daughters

    10. I would like it to make some natural baby products for my four month old daughter.

    11. I have some essential oils I haven't done anything with yet! Would love to win this and use them!

    12. Totally stealing your Shea butter recipe for my little one!

    13. Want to make so many more homeade wonderful products!

    14. I love to use it on my skin...Leaves me so soft..