Monday, July 21, 2014

"Where is my Home?" Book review


Recently I had the opportunity to review a childrens book written by Talia Carmi. I was able to obtain a copy of the book through my kindle on amazon.
The book is called "Where is my Home?" Its about a little boy who gets lost in the woods because he was chasing a butterfly.  On he adventure to find his way back home he meets several animal friends along the way.
Each one allowing the reader to u derstand the different habitats and eating habits of each animal.
My daughter really enjoyed this book and was able keep along at only 3yo. She loved the detailed pictures and pointing out the colors, animals, and plants.

Along with this adorable book The Author gives a reader a free gift. On the website you can find more. It was a cute game of find the differences for Aleksus to play.
Here is the cute posture that was given with the link to the free gift. (a game which was printable)  
 On her website found HERE you will see that this cute book is part of a series! I personally will defiantly help spread the word of this authors books! I highly recommend them to other mothers for their kids.  
Here is a note from the Author on her books.  

I hope you enjoyed this review and check out the Terry Treetop Series for yourself! Spread the word!

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