Friday, July 25, 2014

JasimeSevens Fresh Feet Wipes

Ive been using these for a couple days now. I do have to say they work great!
They are specially formulated for your feet!
They are
-Alcohol Free
-99% natural
Aside from how fresh they make your feet and hands feel the great things about this product is that 10% of all profits goes to organizations that work to make a positive change in the world.
I recieved this in one of my citrus lane boxes. They like to add something for the parents in each box and this is what I got.
Sometimes you can feel slugish, and when I wipe my feet the freshness is nice.
Ive also used these on my 3 yo, and even she has asked me to clean her feet with them again.
Now I know you wondering, "why not just use baby wipes?" Well the owner of this company used to do the same thing. But do baby wipes offer some of their profits for great organizations? 
Check out more of their products at FRESH FEET WIPES
They also have...
-grapefruit fresh feet for Kids
-Lavender Tea tree Yoga Mat wipes

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