Friday, July 25, 2014

SQUEASY Kids Snacker for On the Go!

I was given the opportunity to review the Squeasy Snacker, Let me tell you this little bottle is so cool! Aleksus really loved it! Plus I love it because its easy clean and mess free snacking. Who doesn't love that?!

How cute is this?!?!
So lets break it down...
For easy cleaning the bottle it comes apart in pieces that are easy to get to and clean. Which I love because I hate bottles that have lots of hard to get to spots you can't always get clean.
Here is a close up of how it comes apart....

Here you can see the seal that allow for it to be drip free.
The yellow piece screws off showing a red rubber seal.

Simply remove the seal (not fuss at all)

The Orange part cam come off as well but I left it on in this picture. As you can see the bottle portion is flexible and is made to be easy to squeeze for kids. Which it also really made it easy to get inside it and wash.

Aleksus loves this bottle! She found it so easy to not only eat from it, but drink from too! We tried Applesauce, yogurt, water AND juice! No fuss, No mess.
Here are some ADORABLE pictures of Aleksus enjoying her new bottle.


"ahhhhh yummy!"

Not to forget that it makes a really good Eye Glass while drinking!

So I hope that you go check out their website! They have different colors to choose from.



  1. My three girls love using their squeasy, it is so easy and convenient to have on the go. Great product!!